Community Volunteer Work that Makes a Difference​
If you’re interested in volunteering, leading projects, networking and having fun – you can do all of this and more as a Lions club member. As a Lion, you’ll perform local volunteer work to improve your community – and communities around the world.
You can join a local club that meets in person. You can plan a local project to protect the environment. Recycle eyeglasses to help the working poor. Or bring clean water to a remote village. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sharing, caring and making a difference.
Join an International Network of Volunteers and Friends​
As a Lions club member, you’ll join a local group of service-minded men and women who are doing local volunteer work to support your community – right now. You’ll also become a member of Lions Clubs International, a respected international organization, a leader in your local community and a friend to people in need.
There are many reasons to become a member. As a Lion, you will:
Help your community and gain valuable skills
Make an impact on people’s lives – locally and internationally
Learn to be a leader – and lead a respected organization
Network with business people in your community and around the world
Energize your life and have fun
You’ll grow personally and professionally. And you’ll know that the community volunteer work you perform is worthwhile and appreciated.​
Local Volunteer Opportunities​
We’re pleased that you’re interested in Lions. If you want to join the Verona Lions Club:
Contact the club by phone at 613-374-2821 and leave a message expressing your interest, or click the link below.
If you know a member of the Verona Lions Club, ask if you can attend a meeting to learn more about the club and its service projects.
At the meeting, ask about becoming a member. The members meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at the Verona Lions Hall.